FoodTrux POS

A Point of Sale System Created by Food Trucks Owners for Food Truck Owners

Most POS systems are designed to serve a variety of industries, which means they offer some features you need, and plenty you don’t, making them hard to learn and confusing to use.

We created FoodTrux POS with one customer in mind — food truck owners. We talked to these business owners across the country to learn what their pain points are with their current system, and what features they wish it had. The end result — FoodTrux POS, the only system designed exclusively with the needs of food truck owners in mind.

Our food-truck specific software is


The access fee is only $4.99 per month, with a $.05 charge per transaction. And unlike our competitors, we don’t mark up the credit card interchange costs. We only charge you what the credit card companies charge us, giving us the lowest processing fees in the industry. That means more money in your pocket and to invest back into your business.


Because FoodTrux POS was designed specifically for food trucks, it only contains the features that matter to you. It’s intuitive and only takes minutes to learn. FoodTrux POS offers all of the tools you want, none of the ones you don’t.


Our system is cloud-based, which means there is no expensive hardware to buy. Keep your existing iOS and Android devices and all models of Star printers. Simply download the app to your existing tablet and you’re good to go.


Easily generate reports that allow you to track sales and inventory, analyze the data, and maximize profits.

Additional Features Coming Soon

GPS Locator

When you turn your POS system on, the GPS locator is activated. This pins your location to a free consumer-based app so customers will be able to find and follow your truck.

Inventory Management

Our inventory system will allow you to track inventory and set auto order prompts based on sales. It also helps track waste, so you’ll know what items to order less of.


Customers and staff can easily toggle between English and Spanish when placing an order, or reading a food ticket, reducing errors.

Accounting Tools

FoodTrux POS will be tied directly to QuickBooks, reducing the need to manually enter sales and inventory information in your accounting system.

Payroll and Time Tracking Tools

Time tracking features make it easy to see how many hours your staff is working, and manage your payroll system.

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