Investor Relations

Plant a seed and from it
great things will grow.


FoodTrux is a Portland, Maine, based company that aims to capitalize on the exponential national growth of the food truck industry by assisting in connecting food trucks with an ever growing customer base. The company recently launched on Apple’s “App Store” and Google’s “Google Play.”  This is an opportunity to invest in a relatively untapped sector of this rapidly expanding industry.

Business Product & Service

FoodTrux is a GPS-enabled mobile SaaS product that bridges the gap between food enthusiasts and casual customers that are unable to locate food trucks in their metropolitan area, and food truck owners that don’t possess the tools and time to efficiently manage their marketing efforts to attract customers. 

• Food truck owners are typically solo businesses and the owners typically lack the time and knowledge to effectively manage their business’s marketing, social media, and customer acquisition efforts.

• Food truck consumers have no current nationally based tool that will allow them to search for and find food trucks and their menus in real time.  

• The food truck industry is currently the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry and is currently a $3B+ market.

• The largest food truck metropolitan areas have experienced triple digit growth in the past 7 years (2010).

We greatly welcome your interest, and look forward to speaking with you. For additional information, please contact Matt Noone at 207.776.8929.

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