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August 2,2020

New food truck app steers consumers to meals and snacks

A Portland businessman has launched a nationwide app to help customers track down their favorite food trucks.

A little over a year ago, Portland businessman Matt Noone was spending some time with his son. “It was a beautiful day out, and we were both hungry for different food,” Noone said. “I said, ‘Well, let’s drive around and we’ll find a food truck.’”

They had no luck. Noone, who owns a staffing agency in Portland, then tried to find a food truck locator online, and struck out there, as well. That’s when he got the idea to create one himself.

Noone launched his food truck app, FoodTrux about a week ago in Portland and also Denver, where his brother-in-law owns a quesadilla food truck. The app uses GPS to connect consumers with about 60 food trucks in Maine, showing their locations, menus (with photos) and specials of the day. Individual food trucks usually post their menus and whereabouts on social media, but are not always good about keeping the information up to date.

Noone has high hopes for his app, which is free to consumers. He’d like it to be in 24 U.S. markets by the end of this year, and 50 markets by the end of year three.

Food trucks can try the app for free for 60 days before a $35 per month subscription kicks in. Noone estimates the app has to send just 2.5 consumers to each truck to pay for the subscription.

“Our app on the consumer side allows you to search from your geo-located spot,” Noone said. “Say it’s lunchtime and you just want to see what’s close. You can pop the app on and do a half-mile or quarter-mile radius search to see what’s close to you.”

Consumers can also search by category, if they’re in the mood for, say, Asian or Mexican food.

Noone has planned regular scavenger hunts and other promotions so app users can earn swag and win gift cards to their favorite food trucks. The app include an events calendar as well, listing activities from art walks to music festivals, so food trucks can let users know where they will be parked.

“Food always follows fun,” Noone said. “You don’t see these trucks setting up on a dark street corner, they’re always setting up at something that’s a fun activity.” Download the FoodTruX app from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

July 27, 2020

Portland-area food trucks may be seeing a resurgence

By William Hall

Despite — or perhaps because of — the pandemic, there may be a resurgence in the Portland area’s food-truck industry.

A Portland tech company is now launching a mobile app that helps hungry consumers find local food trucks. And three new food trucks are now preparing to hit the road, according to gourmand website Portland Food Map.

The FoodTrux app utilizes an intelligent interface to help users search for and interact with food-truck businesses based on geographic location, cuisine and personal tastes, according to a news release.

The app, which is also being rolled out in Denver, displays local food trucks on a map, provides turn-by-turn directions, and shows menus, pricing and promotions, according to founder and CEO Matt Noone. On the vendor side, food truck owners can post menu items, specials, prices, events, and current and future locations.

The launch comes after the food-truck industry, which first parked in Portland about eight years ago, grew 20% last year, according to Noone.

“The food sector today is becoming increasingly mobile, fragmented and on-demand,” he said. When asked what originally spawned the idea for the app, he added, “It stemmed from a craving for a taco after a hockey game with my son, resulting in an unrelenting, unsuccessful search for a food truck.”

Prospects for the mobile-munchie businesses seemed to have dimmed after the pandemic hit. Food trucks rely on large gatherings of potential customers, such as outdoor concerts and festivals — venues that have been shut down as a result of the pandemic.

However, the ability to serve patrons outdoors, with minimal contact, could also make the public health crisis an opportunity for the mobile businesses.

According to Portland Food Map, a new food truck called Little Easy Snoballs is in the final stage of development, and owner Lauren Gauthier plans to launch in the city over the next couple of weeks. Another food truck, Actual Foods, is now launching, according to the website. And Mast Landing Brewing Co. is in the process of developing a food truck that will be stationed at the brewery’s tasting room in Westbrook.

July 23, 2020

Food Truck Finder App Launches in 
Portland Maine and Denver Colorado

Do you have a favorite food truck, crave mobile culinary delights on wheels but are unsure where to find what satisfies your palate?  A Portland Maine tech company, FoodTrux has announced the launch of a fully interactive food truck finder app on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play.

Using a smart phone or tablet, the FoodTrux app utilizes an intelligent user interface to personalize overall user experience when searching for and directly engaging with food trucks based upon geographic location, culinary cuisine, and user favorites.  The FoodTrux app displays local food trucks on the app’s map, providing turn-by-turn directions where users can view menus, prices, special promotions and regional events.   On the vendor side of the app, food truck owners can post menu items, specials, prices, events, and current and future locations.  

With 90% of the public possessing a smartphone, and app usage rates increasing 35% in the last five years, consumers are driven by and demand functional smartphone applications designed to ease and enhance their daily lives.  FoodTrux has done just that – bridging the gap between consumer desire and food truck vendor location, placing real-time GPS enabled food truck access in the hands of food truck foodies everywhere.  

The food truck industry has evolved into one of the best performing segments in the broader food-service sector, growing by nearly 20% in 2019. “The food sector today is becoming increasingly mobile, fragmented and on-demand,” said Matt Noone, FoodTrux CEO. When asked what originally spawned the idea for the app, Noone said, “It stemmed from a craving for a taco after a hockey game with my son, resulting in an unrelenting, unsuccessful search for a food truck.”

In a time when consumers are attempting to navigate social distancing, masks, and eating out, the launch of the FoodTrux app couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. As consumers seek to indulge in small conveniences such as affordable gourmet food, food trucks are primed to provide greater access to cuisine diversity in a safe and responsible environment via the FoodTrux app.  

Currently launching in Portland Maine and Denver Colorado, FoodTrux will continue to rapidly role out new markets as food truck vendors register on the app.  Stay tuned to FoodTrux social media outlets and website for updated locations. To download the app, visit Apple’s App Store or Google’s Google Play